The new signpost for Makaranui Marae has been installed. Makaranui Marae was provided for by the people of Makaranui, who set land aside in 1951 as a marae and papakāinga under the 1955 Māori Reservations Act. The old people set aside the land for “Ngāti Tamakana of Uenuku iwi”.

The old signpost was “Te Kotahitanga”. Te Kotahitanga is the name the old people gave to the tribal komiti. Our kuia and koroua fundraised for many years to achieve their vision of a papakāinga and marae at this location. Te Kotahitanga Komiti administers the reservation today. The current trustees of Te Kotahitanga are all grandchildren and great grandchildren of the old people from Makaranui who drove the vision of a special place set aside for Ngati Tamakana of Uenuku iwi. Their discussions about this are recorded in minutes of their hui as far back as 1931.

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