DOC Kia Wharite goat control in the Te Mata block to begin

Notification to Concessionaires and others – Kia Wharite goat control in the Te Mata block Health and Safety Information The Department of Conservation has employed contractors to perform goat control in the Te Mata block (see map below). This work has been part of the Department’s core programme since the Kia Whārite partnership with Horizons was formed

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Uenuku Charitable Trust Annual General Meeting DATE: 20 June 2020 Uenuku Offices: 28 Queen Street, Raetihi AGENDA Mihi whakatau/ Karakia Apologies Receive and consider the Chairperson’s Annual report Receive and adopt the Annual Financial report Update report Treaty Negotiations Update report Pou Trusts To elect trustees open for nomination. 2 x Rangatahi representatives 2 x

Nomination process information for UCT AGM

In preparation for the upcoming Annual General Meeting of Uenuku Charitable Trust, the trustees have made available the following nomination and Trustee Representation information packs: For information about the NOMINATION PROCESS for UCT trustees, click the link below: Nominations to Uenuku Charitable Trust For the TRUSTEE REPRESENTATIVE INFORMATION PACK, click the link below: Trustee Representative