The Mākōtuku Pure Capital Education Scholarship is again being offered by Uenuku Charitable Trust (UCT) in partnership with international investment advisory firm Pure Capital. This scholarship is offered annually to registered beneficiaries of UCT who are currently enrolled in an educational institution.

Expanded to include primary, secondary or tertiary level applicants, our aim is to continue to support descendants of Uenuku, Tamakana and Tamahaki in gaining higher levels of participation and achievement in education which in turn, helps build capacity to support whānau, hapū and iwi development.

Click HERE to download an application form

Preference will be given to students who have some, or all, of the following:

  • Proven academic merit
  • Excellent attendance record
  • A commitment to tikanga Māori and te reo Māori
  • A commitment to community
  • Are interested in supporting iwi economic, environmental and social development and the hapū and whānau of Uenuku, Tamakana and Tamahaki.

Scholarships available are:

  1. Primary school x $100
  2. Secondary school x $200
  3. Tertiary x $1000.


Applicants MUST be:

  1. A registered member of UCT
  2. Confirmed as enrolled at a primary, secondary or tertiary institution

A completed application form together with any supporting documentation eg: confirmation of enrolment, attendance record, course information, CV and/or references is to be received by 5pm on the 24th of May 2021.

Following acceptance, there is an expectation that all recipients will provide a report to UCT about how this scholarship has enhanced their learning.

Please send applications to:

Mākōtuku Pure Capital Education Scholarship

Uenuku Charitable Trust, P O Box 102, Raetihi

or via email:

Please note: all allocations made are at the discretion of UTC Scholarship committee, successful applicants will have their scholarship deposited directly into their ‘educational institution’ account and no late applications will be accepted.

Click HERE to download an application form

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