Board of Trustees

On 1 February 2014, a Hui-ā-Iwi at Mangamingi Pā called for a new tribal authority, and Uenuku Charitable Trust (UCT) was established. The UCT Board currently numbers 15 trustees who have been mandated by their hapū, marae, or Wai Claimant, uri or rangatahi groups to represent the interests of the people. The UCT Board holds monthly hui at its offices in Raetihi on the third Sunday of each month. Uri are welcome to attend. Trustees are guided by and represent the views and interests of our people, the descendants of Uenuku (nā Tūkaihoro), Tamakana and Tamahaki.

On March 17 at the 2019 Annual General Meeting, the Board initiated its first rotation of trustees. In accordance with the Deed of Trust, five trustees stood down. They were Don Robinson, Robert Cribb, Sonny Tonihi, Alexia Tira and Kawana Wallace. Don Robinson and Robert Cribb sought re-appointment and were re-nominated. Five further nominations were received. These were:

Rangi Bristol – Wai claimant
Garry Davis – Hapū representative – Ngāti Tauengārero
Nuthaniel Tonihi – Uri representative – Central
Te Maire Hawira – Rangatahi representative
Juelle Gilbert – Rangatahi representative (nomination subsequently declined)

Nuthaniel Tonihi and Te Maire Hawira have completed the Trust’s representation and mandating process, and have joined the Board of Trustees.

(As of May 2019)

1.   Aiden Gilbert (Chairman) Hapū representative – Ngāti Tara
2.   Moana Ellis Hapū representative – Ngāti Maringi
3.   Mahanga Williams Hapū representative – Ngāti Tamakana
4.   Caroline Heta Hapū representative – Ngāti Uenuku
5.   Clyde Connell Hapū representative – Ngāti Tukaiora
6.   Tina Wallace Hapū representative – Ngāti Rangi ki Manganui-o-te-Ao
7.  Paora Haitana Hapū representative – Ngāti Hinekura
8.  Kura Te Wanikau Turoa Hapū representative – Patutokotoko
9.  Don Robinson Wai Claimants representative
10.  Robert Cribb Wai Claimants representative
11.  Lesley Edmonds Marae rep – Raetihi Marae
12.  Kaylene Crossan (Secretary) Marae rep – Mākaranui Marae
13.  Rayma Bryers Uri representative – Northern
14.  Nuthaniel Tonihi Uri representative – Central
15.  Te Maire Hawira Rangatahi representative