We are thrilled to share some exciting updates with our Te Korowai o Wainuiārua whānau regarding the Tātai Tāngata Ki Raetihi project, also known as the proposed Raetihi Community Hub.

As many of you know, this project, a collaboration with Ruapehu District Council, has been in the pipeline for some time now, and we are delighted to announce that progress is well underway.

We recently selected ŌRUA and Architectus as the design team for the Community Hub. This decision was made based on their unique combination of Māori architectural expertise and established architectural practice experience in community facilities.

ŌRUA will provide a Te Ao Māori lens, ensuring that the design process and outcomes are deeply rooted in our cultural values and aspirations. Architectus, on the other hand, will support with the necessary guidance, experience, technical expertise, and resources to deliver the project effectively.

Together, ŌRUA and Architectus offer a unique opportunity for an authentic, design-led, and culturally embedded architectural process that no other offering can provide. We are confident that their partnership will result in a Raetihi Community Hub that reflects the needs, values, and aspirations of our community.

We understand the importance of community input in this process, and we encourage all whanau to share their ideas, feedback, and suggestions as we work towards creating a vibrant and inclusive space for everyone in Raetihi.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the Tātai Tāngata Ki Raetihi project, and we look forward to sharing more exciting developments with you in the near future.

Below: ŌRUA and Architectus team.


26 June 2023 –  Ruapehu District Council and Uenuku Charitable Trust are looking for a designer/architect to work on the design of a shared multi-purpose Community Hub in Raetihi.
Click the link below to resister your interest:

2 December 2021 – After a number of delays from two years of Covid it is great to be able to finally share the Raetihi Community Hub Phase One Consultation Report. Keen to read the results? please CLICK HERE


To share your aspirations for the Raetihi Community Hub please click here

23 February 2021 – Community engagement for the Raetihi Community Hub project is set to continue with the launch of an Aspirations Survey and the start of the Community Hui series.

Project Manager, Cathy McCartney said Raetihi residents will be able to share their thoughts and have their say throughout the consultation in a number of ways including: online, at community hui, completing surveys or by meeting her in person.
“I’m looking forward to continuing to gather the ideas and aspirations of all Waimarino-Raetihi residents. The opportunity to hear the everyone’s thoughts on what a community hub could be, including the sort of facilities, services, types of spaces, the look and feel wanted from this multi-function space is an exciting one. Whether you are part of a group or individual the collective opinions of everyone in Raetihi is going to help build a Hub the whole community can be proud of.”

It is proposed that along with a number of community services and social spaces, a multi-purpose community hub could also be the new home for the Ruapehu District Council’s (RDC) Service Centre and provide office space for Uenuku and activities of the iwi.

Raetihi Community Aspirations Hui begin on Tuesday 9 March at The Centre, 14-16 Seddon Street, through two identical two-hour sessions. One begins at 10am and the session repeated again at 5.30pm that evening.
Residents are also invited to share their views through an Aspirations Survey.
This can be completed online via the Survey Monkey platform directly: www.surveymonkey.com/r/R56QSXM

“If residents would prefer to complete the survey in hard copy this is not a problem. These can be picked up from the RDC Service Centre and Uenuku Offices in Raetihi or, give me a call and we can arrange to have one dropped off for you. These can be returned to either office or, I can arrange for completed hardcopies to be picked up.”

Chair of Uenuku Charitable Trust, Aiden Gilbert said it’s important to take the time to stop, listen and most importantly hear the diverse and colourful voices of Waimarino-Raetihi residents.
“Through this, we will be able to start exploring the foundations of an inspirational and aspirational space for the whole community.”
RDC Mayor, Don Cameron said a facility like the proposed Raetihi Community Hub will help to pro-actively encourage the community to continue to make valuable connections with each other and enjoy collective social opportunities all in a warm safe environment.

For more information or to request a hard copy version of the survey, the Community Hub Project Manager Ms McCartney can be contacted on 027 455 5448 or via email on: cathrynmccartney16@gmail.com

18 February 2021 – Pānui for all our Waimarino-Raetihi whānau

Raetihi Community Hub Community Consultation – Phase 1

Ruapehu District Council (RDC) and Uenuku Charitable Trust (Uenuku) are working together to hear the aspirations of local residents as they explore the potential development of and options for a new Community Hub in Raetihi. Neither Council or Iwi are looking to simply replicate what already exists in other towns but see this consultation phase as an integral and exciting opportunity to design a brand-new, purpose built space for Raetihi. A unique place which is aspirational, inspirational, and most importantly functional both now and into the future.

How can you start getting involved and share your thoughts?

Over the coming weeks there are a number of opportunities for individuals and whanau/families to start sharing your ideas. The first starts with an opportunity to catch up and have a korero/chat with Project Manager Cathy McCartney at the Waimarino Show this Saturday. You are also invited to share your thoughts, views and opinions during the first round of Hub Community Hui/Workshops starting next month on:

Tuesday 9 March @ 10am – 12pm at The Centre, 14-16 Seddon Street

Tuesday 9 March @ 5.30pm – 7.30pm at The Centre, 14-16 Seddon Street

As part of this ongoing consultation, a Phase 1 survey has also been created. Online links to this survey can be found via the Raetihi Community Hub page on both the ruapehudc.govt.nz and uenuku.iwi.nz websites. Would prefer to complete the survey in hard copy? Please head to the RDC Service Centre in Raetihi and pick up one or, contact the Project Manager Cathy McCartney via the details below to arrange for a copy to be delivered to you. She can also arrange hard copy surveys to be picked up on completion.

Are you also a member of a local Group, Organisation or owner of a Businesses owner Raetihi?

During this initial phase, we are also planning to come and meet as many local groups, organisations and business owners as possible so we can capture your thoughts on how the space can be designed to specifically support your unique needs and requirements. Please contact Cathy directly via her details below and let her know a time/s work for you and your Group, Organisation or Businesses. Nga mihi nui Cathy McCartney & the Raetihi Community Hub Project Team email: cathrynmccartney16@gmail.com or cell: 027 4555 448

1 Dec 2020 – Joint Press Release

We are excited to get this mahi with Ruapehu District Council back on track, if you’re heading to the Christmas Carnival on the 12th why not come down to our stall and find out more?
Joint Press Release: The Raetihi Community Hub Steering Group are excited about being able to restart engaging with the community and others with a stake in Raetihi’s future on their vision and thoughts for the Hub.

The shared multi-purpose Community Hub is envisaged to act as Council’s service centre and a head office for Uenuku and related iwi activities as well as a number of other community services and facilities.
Project Manager Cathy McCartney said that the Steering Group is not looking to just replicate what currently exists but want the community to help design a brand-new space which is aspirational, inspirational and meets Raetihi’s needs now and into the future.

“We were all set to start community engagement in February before COVID-19 hit and derailed things for a bit,” she said.

“We are now excited to pick-up from where we were forced to leave off and hear from as many stakeholders as possible on their vision for the Hub.

We want to hear people’s thoughts on what a Community Hub could be including the sort of facilities, services, types of spaces, look and feel needed or wanted from a multi-function space and where it should be located.
There will be multiple ways for people to join in the conversation including via online channels, community hui, surveys, etc. or we can arrange to meet with people wherever suits them to talk about the project, answer any questions, and collect feedback.

Over the next few weeks watch out for the launch of our Raetihi Community Hub project page on Facebook as well as our Raetihi Hub stall at the Christmas Parade on Saturday 12 December,” she said.

Ruapehu Mayor Don Cameron said that Council was very excited about the community engagement getting underway again after the COVID enforced delay.
“I would urge Raetihi residents and others who love the town to take the opportunity to have their say on what will be a cornerstone asset for improving community cohesion and the revitalisation of the township,” said Mayor Cameron.

Uenuku Charitable Trust Chairperson Aiden Gilbert noted that it’s an opportunity for the town to work together in true partnership inclusive of all of our community.
“The more people who have their say the more connected and reflective the Hub will be of our community and surrounding environment,” he said.

Ms McCartney added that anyone needing more information or wanting to organise a meeting with them or their organisation could contact her on 0274 555 448 or email cathrynmccartney16@gmail.com



14 Feb 2020 – Joint Press Release
Thoughts on multi-purpose Community Hub for Raetihi wanted
Ruapehu District Council and Uenuku have agreed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on how they will jointly develop a shared multi-purpose Community Hub for the Raetihi area.
As well as Council’s service centre and a head office for Uenuku and related iwi activities it is envisaged that the Hub will accommodate a number of other services and facilities for current and future community activities.
Ruapehu Mayor Don Cameron said that Council was very excited about the opportunity to work in partnership with Uenuku on what will be a cornerstone asset for improving community cohesion and the revitalisation of the township.

“The proposal for either upgrading Council’s current Service Centre or investing in a new Hub was first raised in the 2018/28 Long Term Plan (LTP) and a subsequent business case looking at these options indicated a community preference for developing a Hub,” he said.

Uenuku Project Sponsor Steve Hirini supported Mayor Cameron’s comments adding that by working together Uenuku and Council would be able to provide iwi members and the wider community a flexible, multi-function facility well beyond what either organisation could deliver on its own.
“In addition to providing a modern administration facility seen as critical to supporting the work required to meet Uenuku’s aspirations for its people the building will be a reflection of our journey providing a place to store and display our taonga and tell our stories.

Together with the recently announced $2m government investment in the Waimarino Health Centre the Community Hub will help deliver the vision of a thriving Raetihi where its communities have access to the best possible services and facilities,” he said.

Overseeing the project is a Steering Group comprising representatives from Council and Uenuku supported by a specialist Project Manager Cathy McCartney who had a leading role in the development of the very successful Community Hub project in Foxton.

Ms McCartney said that critical to the success of the project was the engagement of Raetihi communities.
“Through to until the end of June we want to hear from as many stakeholders as possible including community, sport, sector and interest groups, businesses, schools, organisations, marae, agencies, individuals of all ages and others with a stake in Raetihi’s future.

We want to hear about your vision and thoughts on what a Community Hub could be including the sort of facilities, services, types of spaces, look and feel do you need or want from a multi-function space and where do you think it should be?

After July the goal is to consolidate all this feedback into a Request for a Proposal (RFP) which can be provided to suitably qualified architects to develop a winning concept plan from.”

Ms McCartney said that opportunities for people to have their say will be widely advertised in the Ruapehu Bulletin, on local radio Peak FM, an online including Council’s Facebook page and website.
“In the interim if people need more information please contact me on either 0274 555 448 or email cathrynmccartney16@gmail.com ,” she said.